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3D Invigorator Adobe Photoshop Plugin and Filter

Easy Photoshop 3D for logos, text and illustrations

Instant 3D gratification: 3D logos in minutes

3D Invigorator is legendary within the video and film industry for its high quality images and its time saving workflow features. Now this popular 3D design tool is available for use in Adobe Photoshop. Co-developed with Zaxwerks Inc, our 3D Invigorator takes 3D design in Photoshop to a whole new level.

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All customers that purchase 3D Invigorator after August 2010 will get a free upgrade to version 5.0! 5.0 will support 64-bit versions of Photoshop. Currently, 3D Invigorator 4.0 only supports Photoshop CS5 in 32-bit mode.


Learn more about 3D Invigorator with this short video

3D Invigorator Introduction (72 sec.)

From Illustrator to 3D in seconds

3D Invigorator is really easy to work with. Just point to an Illustrator file, or type in some text, or choose a simple shape inside the plugin. The plugin immediately extrudes the object and makes a 3D wireframe. From there, you can sculpt your graphic into a 3D masterpiece by adding drag-and-drop materials, bevels and lights.

A simple interface handles all kinds of 3D objects

Invigorator has a full 3D environment for setting up objects and scenes. The interface makes it easy to create objects in minutes that would take hours in a normal 3D program. Once your 3D object is set up, you can view and rotate it from any angle. Use the fun and powerful tools in Invigorator for real-time changes that transform your text into amazing logos.

Key Features

  • Drawing & editing features with Vector Object tools
  • Improved OpenGL renderer lets you see shadows and bump maps live
  • Quickly create a 3D masterpiece for logos, text, illustrations

3D Invigorator

Buy BUY $175

Free Update

If you purchased 3D Invigorator for Photoshop version 4 or 5 from us, you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 6. Please contact Zaxwerks directly to receive the update. (