Gallery for Backdrop Designer

Who's using Backdrop Designer for digital backgrounds? Photographers who want to create a unique memory for their clients. Artists who are creatively pushing their commercial work. Companies that need a better way to visually highlight their products. And maybe you!

JoDee Lapp

JoDee Lapp is a hobbyist who uses Backdrop Designer to customize photographs for her clients.

JoDee says, "With Backdrop Designer, I really only have to click my mouse a few times and then I am able to switch out backgrounds as fast as I can change my mind! It is so easy to learn how to use because it just does all the work."

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Loe Beerens

Loe Beerens, an entertainment photographer in The Netherlands, uses Backdrop Designer after his photo sessions. In his studio, Loe shoots his models against a chromakey screen and masks the image with our Primatte plugin.

Then Loe creates a new background behind the model using textures from Backdrop Designer, like the blue and red backdrops shown below.

Click here to read and see more by Loe. You can also see Loe's work in our Primatte Chromakey Gallery.

Diane McCormick, McCardinal Photo

The husband and wife team of Diane McCormick and Roger Cardinal run a busy photography studio in New England.

Diane said of her recent work at McCardinal Photo, "We were hired to do a hair fashion shoot by one of the top salons in Boston. As visions of past extractions loomed in my head, I remembered collecting material on Primatte and Backdrop Designer at Photoshop World."

Click here to read and see more by Diane. You can also see Diane's work in our Primatte Chromakey Gallery.

Blake Taylor, A Man Apart Design

blake.david.taylor (at)

Blake Taylor is a designer specializing in advertising, TV and print. His clients range from Chapstick to the Sierra Club.

This poster series for the Museum of Magic in New York used Backdrop Designer as the central graphic. Blake says of the job, "The design really came alive with this red velvet backdrop - it's very unique and has a great presence - the lighting is perfect and very rich. I did eight posters overall and they'll be running as transit posters."

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Marcel Van Vuren

Marcel Van Vuren is a professional photographer in The Netherlands. Marcel said about his work, "So far I used Primatte Chromakey and Backdrop Designer only for creating my portfolio on the internet, but I expect in the near future to get my first commercial assignments. For sure I will use Primatte and Backdrop Designer for those cases as well."

Recogrnize this image? We are using two photos of this woman in the banner graphic along the top of this website. Thanks, Marcel!

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