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Backdrop Duo

Backdrop Duo

Save $49 on plugins

Buy Price $279

Dynamic duo for seamless Photoshop textures

Two Adobe Photoshop plugins give you an easy way of creating beautiful patterns with 2D or 3D depth. Use Backdrop Designer to load in ready-made digital backdrops, and Texture Anarchy to create even more Photoshop filters and presets. Both plugins simulate organic media, fabric folds and other natural imagery for graphic design and 3D texture maps.


Save $49. The Backdrop Duo contains:

* Texture Anarchy plugin. Create beautiful Photoshop textures and image borders which are procedural, tiling, and resolution independent. Reg. $129

* Backdrop Designer plugin. This Photoshop plugin adds in 900+ premade textures that simulate muslin drapery to create stunning digital backgrounds. Reg. $199

Key Plugin Features

  • Get two fun tools that make gorgeous, flexible backgrounds
  • Digital backdrop creator for unique photography portraits
  • Digital texture creator for beautiful graphic design & 3D textures