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Digital Anarchy Releases Elements of Anarchy: Text for Particle System Based Text Effects

New Text Animation Tools for After Effects Make Animating Background Text Effects Faster and Easier

Palo Alto, CA — May 4, 2001 —

After a successful public beta, Digital Anarchy today announced the 1.0 release of its Elements of Anarchy: Text plugin package for Adobe After Effects and other applications that support After Effects plugins. The three filter plugin set enables After Effects users to easily create text elements that were previously time consuming and difficult to accomplish.

Elements of Anarchy: Text creates effects that have become very popular in recent film and television design. Based on particle systems, the filters allow text to be displayed randomly, allowing the creation of many animating text elements, that will animate without keyframes. There are controls for adding 'Randomness' to the properties, which will vary the behavior of the text and the look of the animation, again, without the need for keyframes. This can save significant amounts of time, when many elements, involving complex animations are involved. Of course, most of the 50 or so parameters per plugin can be animated as well.

"I designed these based on my own needs when working with AE," said Jim Tierney, founder of Digital Anarchy. "I found it time consuming to create text elements that were easily tweaked, and didn't look like they were repeating endlessly. Elements of Anarchy: Text should make it much easier to create commonly asked for elements, such as stock tickers, computer displays, background textures, and other effects where large amounts of text needs to be animated."

Flexible And Powerful Way To Control Text.

The plugins in Elements of Anarchy: Text can either generate text or other characters randomly, or they can accept user specified text, either entered manually, or supplied in a text document. In addition, any Truetype or Postscript Type 1 font can be used, which opens up a world of possibility with different typefaces, 'clip-art' or symbol fonts, and foreign language fonts.

Beta tester Gary Reisman, Motion Graphics Designer from the NBC Agency, MAGIC Room (Burbank, CA), had this to say about the new plugins: "The plugins have been great in allowing me to easily create some complex backgrounds. Usually these kind of text effects can take quite awhile and be fairly tedious. It really simplifies doing these types of designs."

The plugins included in the set are:

Text Matrix: A particle system for text. It creates streams of characters that are easily animatable. The streams (or single letters) can follow paths, and have a wide variety of attributes that can be set and animated. Allowing you to easily create effects similar to the raining text effect seen in some recent movies, and many other type treatments.

Text Grid: Creates a grid of characters. Characters can flow across the grid or the grid itself can be animated. How often the characters change or what type of characters (numbers, characters, upper ascii characters) are easy to set. Definable sections of the grid can be zoomed in or out.

Screen Text: Displays text like a computer terminal, scrolling it up and automatically animating and changing the lines of text. Lines of text can be set to 'type' themselves on or just do a 'Star Wars' style text scroll.

Pricing and Availability.

The release is priced at $79, which breaks new ground for After Effects plugins. It is available on both Macintosh and Windows platforms, and can be used with After Effects 4.x and 5.0. It also should be compatible with most applications that support the After Effects plugin specification. Specific applications will be announced as compatibility is verified.

Demo filters, tutorials, and sample movies can be found at To order, please call 650-575-7485 or you can purchase online at

About Digital Anarchy.

Founded by long time AE user/developer Jim Tierney, Digital Anarchy's mission is to produce high quality plugins that are accessible to students, hobbyists, and high-end artists alike. Elements of Anarchy: Text, is their first product.

Jim has worked on numerous award winning products from companies like MetaCreations, Atomic Power, and Cycore. He has been working on After Effects plugins for the last 5 years, and thought it was finally time to get out there and do some of his own. He will also be speaking at the After Effects West Conference in August.

Garrick Meeker, the programmer behind Elements of Anarchy: Text, has worked for such companies as Industrial Light and Magic and Pinnacle Systems. Most recently, he was behind Color Theory, an application for designers allowing them to easily match colors.

Digital Anarchy can be contacted at: 650-575-7485, or On the web, go to

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