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Cartoon Bubble is a filter for Photoshop that lets you create word bubbles. It's fun to use and works great with our ToonIt! Photo plugin.

To see the plugin in action, watch the tutorial below. To get the free plugin, go to our Registration Page. Or just keep on reading!

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Watch the tutorial

Want to know more about Cartoon Bubble? Just watch this tutorial explaining how this Photoshop plugin works. (And how Anarchy is like chicken soup...?)

simple controls for fun results bubbles and letters

Simple controls for a fun result

The controls are pretty simple, just like bubbles and letters should be.

You can change the color and thickness of the bubble and its outline. The bubble can be moved and resized, or made into an ellipse or rectangle. Resize the bubble with the end points of its bounding box.

The speaking indicator is also adjustable. You can select and move the indicator and make it wider or narrower.

bubble text bubble text cartoon bubble
cartoon bubble

NOTE: At release date, we are sorting out a few bugs with the Color Chip and Preview Area not previewing. We plan to fix these issues in a near future update.

Make basic type changes

There are basic typography controls for the bubble text. Type your text into the text field. Click the FONT button to bring up a choice of typeface, font size, font style and color.

cartoon bubble
bubble cartoon

Use the Preset Manager

If you have created a bubble style that you like, you can save that style as a preset. This lets you use the bubble style again later, or use it on multiple bubbles in a series.

cartoon bubble
cartoon bubble
cartoon bubble

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