Get on the beta of Transcriptive!

Transforming the Art of Transcription - Easy, Accurate Automatic Transcribing

To be among the first to get your hands on this new plugin for Premiere Pro, go here to sign up: Transcriptive Registration Page. We're planning on releasing the first beta around the first week of May.

If you'd like to get the pre-order price of $199, you can go to the Digital Anarchy Store and purchase it. Regardless of whether you purchase or not, the beta will be fully functional, so you'll really get a chance to put Transcriptive through it's paces. We think you'll be pretty blown away.

Fast, accurate, and inexpensive. Usually you only get two out of three, but Transcriptive gives you all three when it comes to automated transcription. It’s a transformative product for transcription. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to transcribe with a 96% accuracy rate.

Automated Transcribing with 96% Accuracy

Transcriptive allows you to use two different Speech-to-text Services for transcribing: The accuracy is excellent for both of them, allowing you to easily and quickly transcribe your video. You get up to 16 hours of transcription free per month or you pay a few cents a minute depending on which service you select. Fast, accurate, and inexpensive.

Closed Captions, Sub-titles, Metadata, and SEO

The accuracy of the transcriptions makes it easy to create closed captions or sub-titles to meet legal requirements or use as metadata for YouTube or other online platforms, enhancing your search engine rankings. There’s no longer any excuse for not doing captions or sub-titles. The accuracy and low cost of Transcriptive makes it possible for any video editor or producer to add them to their project.

More Powerful Searching within Adobe Premiere Pro

Transcriptive lets you use the transcription as metadata within Premiere Pro. This can be searched so you can easily find where your talent said something. Great if you’re working on documentaries or other long form video and know what was said, but not quite sure where in the video it was said. Transcriptive also comes with the Power Search panel for Premiere Pro. This is a more advanced search panel than what ships with Premiere.