Primatte Chromakey 5.1 is automatic & batch friendly

With each release of Primatte Chromakey, the software becomes more automatic and easy to use. In the new Primatte 5.1, you get a cleaner interface, new tools, improved auto-masking, and a greater ability to batch process large groups of photos. You will see better handling of soft edges like flyaway hair, sheer fabric, fur and glass. Photographers who do event photography, little league, or school photos will love the easier, improved workflow.

NEW! Free 5.1 update: Our Primatte 5.1 update is free to owners of Primatte 5.0 and 3.5 for Photoshop. Get the update.

Fast batch processing with AutoMask

The newly improved AutoMask tool in Primatte 5.1 makes your keying process easy, and especially benefits photographers who do high volume work. Set up Primatte with Photoshop’s batch processing to mask a large volume of images at once, and eliminate hand-masking on those images individually. The AutoMask algorithm has been completely redone in Primatte 5.1, and works particularly well with head/shoulder or ¾ length shots. See new features of Primatte Chromakey.