Alex Cantinero
Estúdio TNT, 2009


Alex Cantinero of Objetiva Studio explained their work. "Our goal was to announce a magazine that had the look of a beautiful landscape in contrast to the impact of a lingerie model. The idea was that even though the surreal reader had felt that the model was there. Adjusting the colors and the air in a whole image. In the process I used the Photoshop CS4 in conlunto with 2 products from Digital Anarchy: Digital Anarchy Primatte for clipping cromakey and Knoll Light Factory for a nice lighting effect. I researched some programs to cut and when I played the Primatte saw for its integration with Photoshop CS4, lightweight and user-friendly it was ideal for."


Above, the original bluescreen photograph. Top right, the background used for compositing. Right, the final composite by Objetiva Studio. Lower left, original greenscreen photograph. Lower right, this shot was made for an announcement for Duloren/Femmina (sensual Brazilian lingerie) simulating a bungee jump.