Deverie Rudd
Deverie FX, 2008

Deverie spoke with us about her business and creative endeavors. "It's an exciting time to be in the business of working with young adults. My belief is that teens want a self-portrait image that is as technologically advanced as they are! They also want a lasting memory of their high school years that shows off their unique personality and individuality."

"For this piece titled 'Storm', I used an image of storm clouds that I’d shot for the background. The colors were pretty much as you see them, very golden brown. After Primatte did the extraction, the layer of the girl was added over the clouds with Luminosity mode chosen. I created the clouds she’s blowing in Photoshop, also set to Luminosity mode. Edge and text were added in the final revision."

'Cabaret Marceau' was created with a Primatte treated portrait and a custom digital backdrop. The layers were desaturated separately then Levels, Brightness and Contrast were adjusted. The subject's lips were isolated and painted in Overlay with the layer's opacity adjusted. A photographic edge was added last.

"For the composition 'Collecting Orbs', three different shots of the girls were run through Primatte, then arranged together. A digital backdrop of the alley behind apartments was added. I made my own orbs using a shot of a full moon that I’d taken as the base image. Shadows were added to girls as well as a glow to their faces and the orbs. Smokey mist was created in lower portion of image. Color was shifted on each layer the girls were on to match the background as well as a little added grain to their layers. A rough edge border was added to final image."

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