Diane McCormick
McCardinal Photography, 2006

Original photo against a green screen.

Final image after Primatte.

Diane says this about her busy client schedule: "Before Primatte, I dreaded backdrop changes. On the day of a large semi-formal shoot, a client requested that we not only take photos of the live event as we had been contracted to do, but 200 formal portraits of the couples! As we scrambled to put the equipment together we grabbed a lovely black velvet backdrop, which we thought would be great for a formal occasion.

"When we got there he decided he wanted a light backdrop (which of course we had left in the office!), so we told him we would take care of it post production. I then had to do 200 extractions in Photoshop of women in black dresses on a black backdrop! It was a nightmare, and we promised ourselves we would look into other ways to do this.

"I learned about Primatte at Photoshop World and kept it in mind for just the right occasion. We were contracted to do a fashion hair shoot and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use it. The support was great, we were able to figure out how to set our lights up properly to optimize Primatte from the tutorials, and ended up with client pleasing results! We have used Primatte for other types of shoots since then, and I get beautiful easy results every time."

More of Diane McCormick's work can be seen at www.mccardinalphoto.com