Lennon the Photographer

Lennon talked with us about his photoshoot. "The publicist for Michael Petersen - star of Disney's "Movie Surfers" - contacted me to produce images to be released to different magazines and publications throughout the year. Problem: Most actors don't have the time to do publicity sittings, so we have to make the most of it. Problem: Because of time factors and lack of wardrobe - I need to make this session seem and feel like many locations and many wardrobe changes!"

"Results: Draping a 10 x 10 Chroma Key Green Backdrop in the studio, it allows me to shoot full length shots of Michael who stands about 6 '3". The subject is put on a 24" stage and the backdrop is draped completely over the stage. Special care is taken to try and duplicate the lighting from the digital backdrops that I have either purchased or taken. At the same time - I am trying to "imagine" natural poses that he would have in that particular "situation". Example. The scene seen here in front of fountain in Las Vegas. I choose to give the photo a nostalgic feel by turning it into a b&w photo - which is very forgiving for a beginner using Primatte."

"This entire session took only a few hours in the studio, with time saved because I didn't have to change backgrounds/ backdrops. It's a win/win situation for both the client AND the photographer as the situations are limited only by your own personal creativity! For anyone with a time restraint - Primatte is not only an easy program to master - but the time saved is priceless!"

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Lennon!


"When shooting celebrities for magazines, the fans are very attracted to photos that pertain to the Celebrity's "personal" life. Michael Petersen rides horses and brought along his saddle and riding gear. I chose to "drop in" a background of a Ghost Town purchased from a stock photo agency."

"His TV show has Michael Petersen traveling the world to interview Movie Stars, and last year he was sent to Paris. Therefore, I chose this stock photo of Paris as another backdrop."