Neal Martin
Neal Martin Photography, 2005

Original photograph against a green screen. About his studio setup, Neal says, "We set up a 10' x 20' tent on location and our chromakey background and lights inside. We photograph players and get studio results on location."

Final image after Primatte. About his use of Primatte, Neal says, "For many years I have been using Photoshop to do cut outs. Since its inception, I added Primatte to our production capabilities. It has expanded our creative efforts and made our portraits easier to bring an idea to reality. Our only limitation is our cutomer's imagination."

Original photograph against a green screen. "I photograph ballet schools on location. Primatte is a great tool that allows me to photograph dancers on a chromakey background."

Final image after Primatte. "Parents are able to select the pose and background immediately after the photography session."

Original photograph against green screen. " 'Samantha Globe' will be used for Christmans cards this year. I created a background enviroment in Photoshop CS2, then photographed her with a Nikon D70 on a green screen."

Final image after Primatte. "Primatte was used to remove the green, then we placed the subject in the globe."

Original photograph against green screen. "For this portrait, 'Water Lily Fairy', the girl was photographed in my studio, sitting on a table."

Final image after Primatte. "I used Primatte in combination with Photoshop CS2. I used Primatte to remove the greenscreen and place her on a water lilly background. Then used Photoshop to add butterflies and fill in water reflections."

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