Marco Cavazzana & Morgan Norman
Norman Cavazzana, 2008


We are honored to present an exclusive first look into Norman Cavazzana’s workflow. Creative Director Marco Cavazzana says, ”During my 10 years of designing, I’ve pretty much tried every method and chromakey plug-in available on the market and none of them have come close to Primatte Chromakey’s ease and power. Its seamless integration into Photoshop CS4’s platform is phenomenal.”


”The basic idea behind our work flow is that we never use 3D elements. Everything you see in our images exists in real life. We shoot all the props on a chroma-key screen and as you can imagine we have acquired quite an extensive image bank of green screen footage."

"When shooting models we tend to prefer half location, half chroma-key scenarios so we can keep a level of realism to it. After we have all the raw material and sit back in our studio, that’s when the real work begins. The post-production phase is where we create these weird and wonderful worlds, retouch and set the final tone for the images."

"Primatte eradicates the monotonous task of using traditional keying tools and allows us to focus more on the most important part of our work, the creative process.”


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Model shown in the images: Lisa W from Stockholmsgruppen.