Rhonda K. Evans
Fur Babies Photography, 2005

Original photograph against a green screen. "With the tortie cat (Bug), I learned how to clean up a photo in less than 5 minutes. I just couldn't believe it. Then it really became so much more fun and so much less WORK!"

Final image after Primatte. "I truly love how Primatte handles the whiskers, and the little tufts of fur that come out of their ears. When that doesn't look right, nothing looks right. The whiskers are no longer an issue at all."

Original photograph against a green screen. About her use of Primatte, Rhonda says, "I am truly truly impressed with the software. You just cannot believe how important it is to me for my business, where the core of the work is mobile, on location, using background replacement. It is really the main tool I need other than the camera (and some feather toys, of course!)."

Final image after Primatte.

More of Rhonda Evans's work can be seen at www.furbabiespetphotos.com