Steven Parke,
Image Carnival, 2008


We talked with Steven Parke about his graphic novel, 'Medusa's Daughter'. Shot entirely in a studio, the actors play out parts of the narrative. The story follows Parke's drawn storyboards and a script by Jonathon Scott Fuqua.

Steve said, "The story is of a girl who can animate her hair. Creating the images was the sort of challenge that called for a program as robust as Digital Anarchy's Primatte. The basic ability to remove the blue background and replace it with the proper environment saved time and allowed for more attention to be paid in the finishing of the projects details. All told, the photography and compositing for 130 pages took 5 months, a feat that would have been impossible — or verging on insanity — if not for Primatte."

"The figures are married to backgrounds that were shot much earlier in the year to match the seasons of the story. Though the photography could be done on location, the amount of crew, lighting, makeup and good luck with the weather made the process of shooting against a blue screen much more agreeable."

Want to see more? Download this PDF doc that shows how the Medusa images were put together, shot by shot.
It's really fun to read! Get the PDF


At left and below, the original bluescreen photos. At right, after using Primatte, the images were composited together for the graphic novel.


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