Adam Hunter & Jesse Palon
Tiger Advertising, 2005

Original photograph against a green screen. About their use of Primatte, Adam says, "We decided to try Primatte because we were looking to reduce production time on a project that involved photographing bicycles.

"Without Primatte, we would have had to cut out all the bicycle spokes manually and it would have taken a lot longer. We're now using the software for photographing models. We like the way that Primatte can create a convincing mask around hair and glass, which allows us to drop in backgrounds easily."

Final image after Primatte. Compositing work by Jesse Palon, in-house designer. "The book cover project is a self promotion piece that we did to show publishers of romance novels our range of photography and imaging skills. We used Primatte because we wanted to demonstrate how we could place models into fantasy settings and cut back on close cropping and production time.

"Using Primatte we don't need to build sets, shoot on locations, and we have more control over lighting in the studio. We don't need to pay models as much because we can get them in and out of our studio faster."