Install Digital Anarchy on Mac

Here are instructions for installing your Digital Anarchy product on a Macintosh computer. Our example shows the ToonIt! Photo plugin but the steps are the same for all Digital Anarchy plugins. This information works for both the demo and purchased version of your product. These instructions apply to Photoshop and Lightroom

Would you rather listen? We have 'How to Install' videos on this page.

1- Download the DMG file to your desktop

First, download the Mac installer to your desktop. The installer will come wrapped in a DMG file, whcih is like a tupperware container.

You want to save this DMG file to your desktop or another download location. Do not save it NOT to your Plug-ins folder.

2- Open the DMG file; get the installer

Now go to your desktop. Double-click the DMG file that you have downloaded. This DMG file will mount an installer disk.

A new window will open to show the installer file, which is called a package (.pkg). Double-click the installer icon to start the installation.

3- Choose the versions of Photoshop

Installation is very easy. First you will see a Welcome screen, and then a standard License Agreement. Click the Continue button for each.

The next screen is the Custom Install screen. Here is where you can choose the versions of Photoshop and Lightroom that you want to install for. Just click the checkboxes to choose your apps.

4- Change the target hard drive (maybe)

Next you will come to the Standard Location screen. This screen lets you tell the installer where your Photoshop application is.

Most likely, you do NOT need to change this lcoation. Our installer should already have detected where Photoshop is.

If you DO want to change the location, click the Change Install Location button. Choose the target drive. (Remember, the Photoshop application must be on that drive!)

After that, the plugin does all the work and finds the correct Plug-ins folder to install to.

5- User Name & Password for your computer

Now you are ready to install. Click the Install button.

You may next see a message that asks for your password. Your computer is asking for the User Account information for your operating system. It needs your permission to install the plugin. This message is not related to your Digital Anarchy serial number (if you have one).

Type in your Name and Password, then click the OK button to proceed.

After that, the plugin does all the work and finds the correct Plug-ins folder to install to.

6- Launch Photoshop; then the plugin

To use the plugin, first launch Photoshop. If Photoshop was open when you installed the plugin, please quit the program, then restart it.

Select a layer in your Photoshop file. Choose the Digital Anarchy filter from your Photoshop> Filter menu.

7a- Run in demo mode; There will be a watermark

When you first launch the plugin, a dialog box will ask for your Name, Organization, and Serial Number. You have two choices.

7b- Run in regular mode; You purchased the product

When you have purchased the product, you can unlock the demo watermark by entering your Serial Number and purchase information.

If you cannot find your serial number information, please contact us at