Frequent questions for Texture Anarchy

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I can't see the cursor when I use your plugin.

  • Q.   I can't see the cursor when I use your plugin. Why is that?
  • A.  There is a known issue with Texture Anarchy and Wacom tablets. When using the plugin with a Wacom tablet the cursor turns into a small circle which can be difficult to see. This is a conflict we have with the Wacom driver and we have not been able to resolve it. Unplugging the Wacom tablet and using a mouse should fix the problem. We realize this is not a good solution. This has been a frustrating bug on our end and we continue to look for a solution. Read more

How do I load my own images?

  • Q.   Can I add my own bump maps into the presets? Import my own picture as a Photoshop texture? Or am I limited to mixing the presets already with the program?
  • A.  You can't import a bitmap image. The way Texture Anarchy works is as an algorithm based generator. It's purely math based, which is why the textures are scalable and resolution independent.

How can I add presets?

  • Q.   How can I add presets of textures that I've created in Texture Anarchy?
  • A. 

    You can add presets to Texture Anarchy in a few ways. In the Main Room at top right along the menu bar, there is a button with a Plus sign that allows you to add to the Preset Manager. The keyboard shortcut is Control-Plus on Windows, Apple-Plus on the Mac.

    You can also save lighting presets in the Lighting Editor through a popup hidden behind the upside-down triangle. In the second room, the Layer Editor, you can save layer combinations by clicking the upside-down triangle between each level.

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Is there a limit to presets?

  • Q.   How many Photoshop textures can you save as presets?
  • A. 

    You can save an unlimited number of presets in Texture Anarchy. You can also make categories in the Preset Manager to organize the presets. These presets are saved as files in the 'Presets' folder of your Photoshop/ Plugins/ Digital Anarchy folder.

Can I view the Rooms together?

  • Q.   Is it possible to view the Main Room window side by side with the Layer Editor or the Deep noise windows? It would help to see the changes in the main window appear as the changes were made.
  • A. 

    No, it is not possible to put the windows side by side. Instead, each leads to the next level. That's a great suggestion for version 2.0! In the Deep Noise and Layer Editor Rooms, you can see a preview of your texture at the bottom of that room.