Gallery for Texture Anarchy

Texture Anarchy has been used for a variety of artwork. Click to see more graphics and information about the project.

Mark Landman, Fetal Elvis

mlandman (at) sonic (dot) net

The 'Fetal Elvis' strip has been around since the early 1990's. It has appeared the last ten years in 'BLAB!', an annual art publication that features top illustrators, cartoonists, and fine artists. Artist Mark Landman explained, "The overall idea of the series is to reveal the pre-natal adventures of the king (the only part of his life that hasn't been hideously over-reported), and combine this with a 'Fantastic Voyage'-like milieu. This is where Texture Anarchy comes in, to help create the vibrant textures that make up Fetal Elvis' world. Texture Anarchy was used for all the background patterns and textures on this page."

A panel from the story 'Fetal Elvis's Art Empire'. At left, the artwork before Texture Anarchy is applied. At right, the artwork after Texture Anarchy. Click to see a comparison of the full page

Panel from the one-page story 'I Ain't Like Him!'. Click to see the full strip
Panel from the two-page story 'Fetal Elvis's Grand Tour!'. Click to see the full strip.

Kenneth Johnson,

Ken Johnson, an artist living in Maui, Hawaii, combines ancient symbols and colorful textures to create visual ideograms or 'Symagery' pieces. Ken uses the Texture Anarchy plugin to generate the base textures for many of his montages. The pieces shown below, L to R, are 'Symagery 36' and 'Herja'.

Click here to see and learn more about Ken's work.