Press reviews of Texture Anarchy

Finalist in the 2003 Editors Choice Awards, for the 'Photoshop Special Effects Plugin' category.

In the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of MacDesign magazine (now Layers magazine).

From a review by David Nagel.

"Digital Anarchy has found a way to combine the creative potential of procedurals with practicality and efficiency in an expansive, well designed plugin suite for Photoshop... [T]he interface in Texture Anarchy actually helps to facilitate a variety of different workflows, allowing you to "play" with texture mutations, go in and modify parameters manually or even simply select from a list of presets, which you can apply right away or modify further."

Press Releases

August 15, 2003 — Digital Anarchy Releases Texture Anarchy For Photoshop. Three New Filters Redefine How Seamless Textures Are Created.