ToonIt Photo Line Drawing on Video Footage

Cartoon Effects with ToonIt Photo

Cartoon effects in ToonIt! Photo range from simple color designs to a dramatic, stylized cartoon. Add an impressionist brush stroke, halftone dot pattern, deep black shadows — all quickly and easily. Look at these great cartooning examples of how ToonIt! will transform your ordinary photograph into really interesting cartoon effects.

In addition to photos, if you're in Photoshop, you can also use ToonIt on videos! Here are a couple examples.


Turning A Video into A Cartoon Animation

This is an example of using ToonIt Photo in Photoshop to process a video, giving it a pen and ink, drawn look. The edge fidelity is pretty good, although where there's a lot of motion blur (the moving weapon) you do lose the lines a little bit. However, for an automatic filter it does an excellent job.

The default cartoon style used on video of a surfer. The reduced color palette and thin lines give the video a great cartoon/illustrated look. It's an easy way of adding a bit of fun to your videos, giving everything the look of an animation without all the work.

Roll over to compare the ToonIt cartoon effect to its original photograph.