Nick Cattermole


Here is more of Nick Cattermole's photography series. The original photos were shot in India, where he worked as a musician during Delhi's Fashion Week. His main visual subjects are monkeys in their natural habitat, and temples and their inhabitants. Nick explained to us how he achieved the visual style of his art using ToonIt! and Photoshop.

Nick said, "I used Toon-it to create the look of these images because I liked the way it imitated the flat and stylized use of color in Tibetan art. I created multiple layers in Photoshop and applied the Toon-it filter to create outline layers and separate color layers, I then used Photoshop's blending modes to get the subtle mixes I needed between the layers."


'Before' and 'after' of a gray monkey.


'Before' and 'after' of a shepard and his goat.


'Before' and 'after' of a solitary monk walking.


'Before' and 'after' of a red monkey.


'Before' and 'after' of interior detail of a temple.


'Before' and 'after' of a monkey in a tree.