Stanton Perry


Stanton Perry talked with us about the panoramas that he photographed and then toon'ed with Digital Anarchy's Toonit! Photo. Each image has its own interesting story, so please read on!


Standton said. "This photo was taken in Napa Valley during a trip to the vineyards in 2005 to collect wine. While preparing for this shot, a fire broke out in the valley, and strong wind gust were propelling the smoke down the valley. I thought 'tooning' the photo would help increase the contrast and give it a more 'surrealistic' look."


"The next pano, taken in 2009, is of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore (also known as 'The Duomo') in Florence, Italy. The very nature of its amazing architecture lent itself perfectly to having it 'tooned' as a line drawing. Most people don't know this, but if you look a the original closely you will see an unfinished area just below the dome and the large round window. On the other side of the Duomo the facing in complete, but Michaelangelo said to have commented that the facing 'made the Basilica look like a bird cage'. The work was halted, and never finished."


"This pano was taken on the East side of Arno river at the top of the Boboli Gardens. With a fantastic view of the Florentine countryside, I wanted to use Toonit to produce a perfect 'oil-on-canvas' look!"


"Two of my favorite places in Northern Italy are Lake Como and Portofino. This final panorama (taken at the latter) is one of my favorite. With Toonit, I was able to create a color palette that captured the essence of this thousand year old Mediterranean port."